My grandparents, George and Elizabeth Cazan, emigrated to the United States from Romania in 1906.

This is my grandmother Elisabeth Masca at age 17, before she emigrated to the U.S:

As an adult, I became interested in family genealogy and I researched and documented the American descendents of my grandparents.

But I was fascinated by the pictures of my grandparent’s siblings and their descendents who remained in Romania, and I wanted to know more about them and to see where they lived.

With limited details about my grandmother’s Romanian family, Eduard Popescu of Medieval Tours provided me with guide and translation services that were essential for me to locate some descendents of my grandmother in the village of Slimnic, near Sibiu.

Eduard also found time to show me some important Romanian historical sites during our travels. I hope to return to Romania in 2011 and to continue the search for my Romanian relatives with the assistance of Medieval Tours.

If you want to contact me or if somebody knows my relatives from Romania , or if you are one of my relatives , I would be happy to answer to your e-mails . Please send me an e-mail at

Steve Haslup, USA ,
June, 2010