I think eternity was born in the village
Lucian Blaga , Romanian poet

Few places in the world have retained their original customs, folk costumes, landscape, traditional crafts and tools as the Romanian village.

The areas surrounding the ancestral Romanian, Saxon and Sekler villages, make up the whole that gives today’s Romania a unique, irreplaceable and special atmosphere. The mountains, plains and Danube Delta villages, while all retaining an individual character, also contribute to the identity of the entire country.

The villages from Marginimea Sibiului are ancient shepherd settlements. The oldest settlement, Rasinari, dates from 1204. Here you will find people dressed up in their wonderful folk costumes, still passing on the genuine shepherd traditions from father to son. These people transmit, in their own way, the ancient and unwritten laws of animal herding and of the land.

The Transylvanian Saxon villages, with their fortified churches, include Viscri, which is the only fortress included in Martin Hürlimann’s celebrated illustrated album of Europe, released in 1935.

The Danube Delta villages still feature waterfront houses, with boats in front of each gate. The people of the waters live here, with their bushy beards and blue sky eyes. Their village is a unique and spectacular place like only the Danube Delta can have.

But the most spectacular is, without doubt, the Maramures village.

The inhabitants of the Maramures village have been craftsmen from since long before written records began. They represent, in their every movement, an ancient world full of fairy tales.

Their elders, the true Magis of the village, are like the old alchemy masters who knew how to transform everything into gold with only one word, or even one gesture.

Maramures, with its specific culture and civilization, has sculpted in wood its own history. It is the place where traditions, folk costumes and art are preserved like nowhere else in Romania.

Maramures itself is a museum in the open air.

Do not hesitate to include the Romanian village in your tour.

It will be a special experience. In a word:

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