And this is Romania.

The true Romania, unvarnished, real, sincere and timeless. A Romania that will surprise you.

And of those people you may meet in Romania, these are their portraits. These images outline a world, a space, marked by each with their own life, their woes, their joys and their thoughts…

Young people with wrinkled hands, with a cloth bag on their shoulder, coming to work in the fields, country women with children, faces furrowed with the footprints of time, thinkers, resigned, staring off into the horizon, departed…

… Old people who have lived through the war and then through half a century of Communism…

Looking out from the poor window. An old man with two friends.

These woman have a large smile, but stand a little uneasy in front of the camera. They sell flowers and will offer you a bouquet.

Young women and very young, in bright their wonderful popular costumes

And here we have our traditional brass musicians, talented Roma, all home grown from our land.

A lady selling traditional crafts and a shepherd monk from the secret and mysterious Bucovina area, whom you may even think of as a fantasy image straight from a storybook.

These people, laboring hard for all our tomorrows, who have probably never been photographed before and who did not know if they may laugh or if they must look serious, as if in some important news story.

The pale light of the monestary, with shy nuns by the walls, who had never seen our camera before.

Regret, pity, tears, resignation, happiness, thoughts, wisdom, the colors of life, all of these together form the portrait.

And stronger than all of these there is hope…

Hope for all our tomorrows in the eyes and smile of this girl