The MEDIEVAL TOURS travel agency specializes almost exclusively in one-to-one, tailor made, custom tours for the individual or individuals. I consider this is the best way a foreigner may come to better know my land. By customizing the tours to the specific request of the tourist, we get to meet the exact expectations of everyone.

While I supply many suggested routes, based on my extensive experience of introducing people to all parts of Romania, it is perfectly possible for me to establish an itinerary according to your own wishes.

The tours we display here represent the result of over 10 years’ work and experience as a freelance guide. The travels follow the high spots for the visitor, either well known or less well known, and are influenced by the many favorable responses I have had from foreign tourists visiting Romania over the last decade.

„A nearby country yet so far away, with a scent of mistery and antiqueness”, says the Spanish writer Josan Hatero in his novel „Romania in October

Let me invite you to visit a land with untouched landscapes, with villages and hospitable people – whom you could not meet in any other country but Romania, with its vast flower meadows, the most beautiful monasteries ever seen, the wonderful birdsong and unique landscapes of the Danube Delta, the incomparable wood churches of Maramures and last but not least, the unrivalled Medieval church-fortresses that have lasted for centuries. All this offers you, the traveler in this land, a sense of timelessness which takes you right into Medieval worlds that many would have considered long vanished from the face of the earth.

Let sensation lead you to this country… Try the steam train in the Vaser Valley in the highlands of Maramures. Forget about the usual accommodation in a 5 star hotel and try sleeping overnight in a 100 year old house in a Transylvanian Saxon village. Live simply and cleanly for a couple of days in the countryside. Try rustic accommodation in private homes. Ask the peasants about pottery, carpet weaving, painting on glass, egg dyeing and painting. Ask them about the Merry Cemetery and ask them why they meet Death with a smile on their faces. Have a meal at a sheepfold located in the highlands, together with the shepherds and their livestock. Visit the unsurpassed Medieval fortress city of Sighisoara.

At the end of such a journey you may have the answer to the question:


Your guide,
Eduard Popescu